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About Biswas Nepal

Against ill-practices in the society

Biswas Nepal, officially registered with government affiliated body, is a non profit making non-governmental organization dedicated to social service. It basically advocates against injustice exploitation and violence faced by the women restaurant workers and works towards ensuring their basic rights, minimum wage, contracts and employment . It relentlessly works in collaboration with concerned stakeholders in creating dignified work environment and eliminating mal practice so that work is seen as dignified and respected. Major issue raised by Biswas Nepal:
  • To do necessary work in the best interest of the women workers and ensure safety and protection in relation to their work
  • To run campaigns against injustice, oppression exploitation and violence faced by the women workers
  • To create awareness about sexual harassment, girls and women trafficking and HIV/AIDS
  • To do necessary work to enhance the capacity of the restaurant workers, education level and standard
  • To run creative programmes in income generation, adult literacy and skills-oriented programmes in collaboration with different agencies
  • To run programmes against ill-practices in the society
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