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About Us

Background of Organization

Biswas Nepal registered as a not for Profit Organization, affiliated with Social Welfare Council. The organization workingwith those women and children who use to works in an entertainment sector (Dance, cabin, Dohori restaurants and small hotel) in Kathmandu valley and help them through available supports, withdraw and re-integrate them into their families along with advocacy. The founder member who lead the organization they themselves have worked in such industries in the past and has experienced the exploitation and harassment by themselves and some of them has a working experience of more than nine years in this sector.

Biswas Nepal has been working with different donors to provide different kind of services for adult entertainment sector workers and advocacy & lobby to make entertainment sector systematic and dignified. Now and then, it has supported 5000 women and girls who directly involved in adult entertainment sector out of them 1533 women and girls have withdrawn from the exploitative working places.

Situation analysis of working Area

Biswas Nepal is formed to help the young girls, children and women who work in the entertainment sector like: Dance Bar, Cabin Restaurant, Dohori, and Massage Parlor, where the possibility of physical harassment and sexual exploitation and employing underage (below 18 years) girls and boys are present. Labor has been parted from facilities of JD, fix working time, bonus, holidays, ID card, appointment letter, and basic salary. Directive of Supreme Court which was issued for this sector is not implemented well so this sector is non prestigious, unsystematic and illegal. Especially Children of this sector are highly in labour and sexual exploitation.

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